Photo by David I Muir

Presentations ~ May 11-13, 2016

2016 Presentations

Topic Room Session
Using Teams for a Collaborative Evaluation of Principals Room A/B Session 1
Reflections of a Successful Pilot Room A/B Session 2
Building a Better Principal Supervisor Pipeline Room A/B Session 3
New Standards For Principal Supervisors Room A/B Session 4
Eliminating the School-to-Prison Pipeline Room A/B Session 5
Bridging the Gaps: Using Purposeful Technology to Empower Student Success in Math Room A/B Session 6
New Trends in the Evaluation of Principals Room C Session 1
Instructional Rounds: High Impact, Cost Effective Professional Development for School Leaders Room C Session 2
Leveraging Principal Supervisors to Drive Instructional Support to Schools Room C Session 3
Principal Supervisor: You are the Leader of Principal Learning! Room C Session 4
Lead, Support, Monitor, Repeat…; Putting the “I” back into Instructional Leadership Room C Session 5
Putting Purpose in the Principal Supervisor Role Room D Session 1
Developing and Supporting Turnaround Leaders Room D Session 2
Three Tools for Enhancing Principals Instructional Leadership Room D Session 3
A Leadership Framework as the Foundation for Principal Growth Room D Session 4
Principal Supervisor Induction Room D Session 5
A More Inclusive Learning Environment: How Blackboard’s New Learning Experience helps students succeed. Room D Session 6
Building the Capacity of Area Superintendents to Improve Principal Instructional Leadership Room G Session 1
Developing the Instructional Know-How of the Principal Supervisor Room G Session 2
PANEL: Building Capacity – Identifying, Developing, and Selecting Internal Candidates Room G Session 3
PANEL: Planning for Professional Progression Room G Session 3
Feedback to Mastery: Balancing the Roles of Manager and Coach Room G Session 4
When 24 Hours in a Day is Not Enough: Exploring an Effective Tier 2 Resource for the Multi-tiered System of Supports Model Room G Session 5
Transforming School Culture through Social and Emotional Learning Room G Session 6
Support for (Rather than Evaluation of) Administrators Room H Session 1
It Takes a Village: Support Principals with Special Populations Room H Session 2
Finding the Coaching in Supervision Room H Session 3
Statistical Peers for Benchmarking Room H Session 4
Balancing the Multiple Roles of the Principal Supervisor While Keeping a Focus on building the Expertise of Principals as Instructional Leaders Room H Session 5
The Power of Visualization and Multiple Representations Room H Session 6
Principal Observation: Growing Leadership to Provide Teacher Feedback Through In-Person and Online Support Room J Session 1
More Than Just a Princpal Coach Principal Supervision as Central Office Leadership Room J Session 2
Building an Effective Evaluation System Room J Session 3
Systemic Reflection to Inform Organizational Behavior Room J Session 4
Leveraging Data To Inform Professional Development for Administrator Room J Session 5
Redefining the Principal Supervisor’s Role: School Operational Matters Room J Session 6
Using Valid Data to Support School Improvement Goals Room K Session 1
Principal Supervisors: Learning in Practice Room K Session 2
Defining the Principal Supervisor Role from the Ground Up Room K Session 3
PANEL: Building a Bench on a Budget Room K Session 4
PANEL: Building the Expertise of Principal Supervisors as Instructional Leaders Room K Session 4
The Journey to Create and Provide Professional Development for Principal Supervisors Room K Session 5
Supporting Principals as Learning Leaders Room K Session 6